A letter from Peter C

Dear Maggie and Sam,

You are going to have a lot of questions about this letter, because you’re smart kids. The answer to most of those questions is that I’m magic, so keep that in mind as you read on.

Before I go any further I want to tell you that I’ve noticed your kindness and your beautiful hearts, that you try hard and that you like to laugh. Keep up the great work.

I know you’ve never gotten a letter from me before. As you probably know, it’s Easter next Sunday and I’ve been at home getting everything ready for the big day. I don’t watch TV where I live (I’d rather be outside smelling the fresh air to tell you the truth!) but I do usually check the weather forecast, so that I can best prepare for my deliveries. Well, imagine my surprise when I found out about what’s going on in the world right now!! When I first heard about the coronavirus I felt nervous for all of you. As a magical being I’m in no danger myself but the people I love are. I felt sad. And scared.

I stayed up late at night reading more and learning about the coronavirus. I learned a lot more things too which led me to do some thinking.

Maggie and Sam, at your house you have lots of food, apples and milk and bread and oatmeal and cookies, all kinds of things you like and don’t like. Food that keeps your bodies strong. You have shelves full of books, I’ve seen them. You have toys, you have a backyard, you have pajamas and a dog and a ninja line. You are healthy with pink cheeks.

When I was reading about the world, I saw that there are children right now who are out of school and don’t have enough to eat. Parents who are sick. Doctors who are working away from their children to protect others. I know you are concerned about these boys and girls, and parents, and doctors because I’ve heard you wondering about them. I love how you think carefully and how you want to help.

I like to visit boys and girls to bring happiness. The way I think about my work is that I’m there to celebrate the end of a long winter, the light that comes after darkness, a reminder that even when we don’t see it, life is always there, welling up and ready to burst out in new buds, or tiny plants that force their way into cracks in the sidewalk.

A big part of my job is to celebrate the power of love, how it can overcome anything. The kind of love that cares for the world. The kind of love that takes care of life.

And now that I’ve spent a bit of time learning more about the world of today, I decided it was time to make a few changes, and to ask for your help too.

I’d like to start using my magic to love the world in a different way. I’d like to use it to make sure that all boys and girls have food to eat. To make sure that there is clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. I’d like to use it to make sure that there are beautiful wild places for you to visit when you are grownups. There are so many ways I could use my magic, and I don’t think you need another stuffed rabbit.

I’m still planning to visit and leave a surprise in your basket, and I hope you’ll still dye eggs for me to hide. I’m going to use my magic to help make the world more beautiful, in your honor, in honor of all the beautiful children, and everyone who was ever a child, and all of the beautiful animals and all of the beautiful mountains and all of the beautiful stars: the whole beautiful world.

I will leave some seeds for you. Planting them you can take care of the birds and the butterflies and help me to make the world more beautiful too.

I know you will understand, because I know how much you care.

I was thinking, if you want to help me, maybe we can make some magic together.

With love,

Ostara / Peter Cottontail