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Ongoing projects and related resources can be found via the links below.

BRAND NEW! The Stuffed Project

ALSO BRAND NEW! The 100 Rejections Project

NEW! The Stuffed Project

One woman's odyssey to reimagine our relationship to the material world

NEW! 100 Rejections Project

An adventure to see trying as success in itself. And also, hopefully, learning how to get my work out in the world.


Happy Atmosphere Challenge

Take action – in your daily life, now – to support innovation, people, and practices to keep more carbon stored on earth, less blanketing the atmosphere. The challenge focuses on Energy Innovation and Job Creation; Transit Innovation and Efficient Cars; Farmers, Soil Micro-organisms, and Forests; Using Stuff Up – Supporting the Reuse Economy, Recycling Jobs, Efficient Manufacturing, and Recovery of Usable Assets; and Supporting Humanity

Basic Training (v 1)

Experiments in building healthy habits following It follows the Jenny Goodguts principle: Do More Good. In a nutshell that means it does not focus on things you should not do or on what you might be doing that is ‘bad’ for you. It focuses on adding more good things to your life, on ways to spend time and energy that will support your vision of what you want to be instead of focusing on what you don’t want to be.