Life at Home Resources

Right now resources are more kid-centered but I’ll be updating with adult-relevant resources too. Please send suggested additions via the contact form on the blog : )

Books for kids (Recommended) – please consider ordering from a local bookseller

Outdoor Activities (kids)

Life Skills for Kids

I’m going to start a new page with recs for life skills that we can be helping our kids learn. Someone suggested she has been teaching her teenagers check-writing, caulking, folding fitted sheets. I love this. I’ve been working with Maggie on carrot peeling. Sam washed the baseboards yesterday. So this page is in process : )

Unplugged Indoor Activities

  • Art therapy (rec from my friend): “my friend recommended we set out a huge piece of paper or canvas for an ongoing art project. She’s an art therapist and giving me tips to deal with my anxiety about this. 🤪 she said to make it open ended but leave the materials out so everyone can come to it when they feel like it.”
  • 30-day Lego challenge (printable calendar)
  • Oliver Jeffers beautiful free craft and activity sheets to download and print
  • Start a journal to document this experience
  • The Workspace for Children – a lot of good ideas for indoor and outdoor projects (with a focus on quiet time and independent play), including ideas for younger children
  • a fun list of ideas from Princess Awesome
  • Audible is offering free streaming for hundreds of children’s books for as long as we’re home

Online learning (kids)

Online movement (kids)


  • Calm app – Lesson in Mindfulness (kids)
  • Headspace app – meditations for different ages (kids) + 45 minute sleep prep sessions. Headspace is free for the first two weeks. I found this to be a great way to ease into a meditation practice (having failed in the past to figure out how to do it). You can start with 5 minute, or 2 mins for kids, and build from there. They currently have free meditations anyone can try any time (in the link above).
  • Tapping meditations for stress release

Online activities (all ages)

Adult Exercise online

Parenting tools

Online (for adults)

Courses for Adults