First mission is coming soon!

First up, I am excited to report that in two weeks the Jenny Goodguts blog has already passed the total number of subscribers from the Jenaissance blog (in over two years) – hip hip hooray!! I will be sure to report back when we pass 100 and when the first person subscribes who I do not personally know ; )

I will be asking for your help in sharing posts with folks who might enjoy them, but still working on building the site a bit (of course, you are always invited to share anything you like at any time!).

The first mission will be out ANY DAY NOW. I’m struggling with it a bit because while I thrive on complexity and lists (that look like tax forms, as my editor/husband might have put it when reviewing the mission last night), I think many people are likely to take a look at the ‘game’ in its current format and be a bit overwhelmed. So I’m going to take another day or two before sharing.

I also want to let readers know that the  “healthy atmosphere/healthy wallet/support innovation/market-driven/creating jobs/longer life/personal responsibility/loving God’s creation/green earth” challenge (or something like that) is going to be super fun, but it is in some ways a more difficult mission than I had imagined beginning with. It just seemed like the time was right and I’ve been waiting to do some of these things for too long.

I hope you will consider playing the game along with me — I will provide as many resources as I can to help you on the journey! There are many ways to play. As a sort of preview and to get you thinking, there is a large menu of actions. Each action is worth a certain number of points. You can play on your own and set a target for the number of points you want to earn to get either a gold, silver or bronze badge. You can get a group together and set a target number of points and when the group as a whole reaches that number you do something (have a potluck, have a party, go on a picnic, donate to charity, group leaders posts something silly on Facebook — you can be creative). The other option is to divide into two teams to challenge each other and the team that scores the most points wins something (party provided by other team, etc) – this would work well in a workplace, that’s my vision ; )

Here’s a hint: the easiest way to get a big score is to find someone who probably hasn’t done a lot of the things on the list and see if they’d play with you. I will be providing resources and links to help and the team can support each other if people need help figuring anything out.

So that’s what I have in mind. Now I just have to take this tax form and make it look more like a game. Stay tuned and start thinking about who you could play with!

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