I wrote a song

(Updated: 6/9/2019)

I was sick yesterday and I recorded myself singing a song that I was writing. I wanted to share it with my family, but since I was sick I thought maybe I’d wait and try again later.

However: I live very close to the Pentagon and around 10 AM in the morning, right after I had recorded the song, some kind of very loud jet plane flew over my house. Not uncommon at all. But as it was flying over and the noise was getting louder and louder and closer and closer, I thought: I would really like to share that song right now, just in case. I’d like them to have it. I’d like it to exist somewhere other than on my phone. So I sent the recording (recorded in my voice memo app) to my parents and my brother and sis via text message.

And then my mom called and, because she’s my mom, told me it was great. So I decided to share on the blog too. And here it is. I wrote a first draft of this song (lyrics only) last Wednesday night and then my kids got sick. And then I got sick. I put music to the words yesterday, revised last night, and recorded it on my phone this morning.

The original recorded version is here and a more recent version (slightly improved though still recorded on the phone voice memo app) is included below (click on the arrow to play).

7 thoughts on “I wrote a song

  1. You keep shining! You brightened my day for sure, and encouraged me to keep on shining too. Love, love you.
    Feel better soon

  2. I loved your song!! Beautiful!! You are definitely a light shining whom we can all see if our eyes are open or our ears can hear if we are listening. Thank you!
    Love you

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